Air Filter Facts

  • Most heating and cooling systems are equipped with a standard 1-inch air
    filter. People often think this filter is cleaning the air, but it is really
    the to keep debris like pet hair from damaging the equipment.
  • Our air cleaning technology (available in Trane CleanEffects) is 100
    times more effective in cleaning the air than a standard 1-inch filter.
  • HEPA ( High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters are a popular choice for
    cleaning the air in homes. They trap airborne particles by forcing air
    through a dense mesh. Unfortunately, as these filters collect particles,
    these pressure of the air flowing through them drops, meaning less air is
    cleaned less effectively.
  • Clean air delivery rate (CADR) is recognized by the U.S. Federal Trade
    Comission (FTC), U.S> Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and American
    National Standards Institute (ANSI) as a fair and objective measure of
    various air cleaner technologies. CleanEffects has the industry’s highest
    clean air delivery rate for homes.
  • In tests, our system had a CADR that was eight times more efficient than
    a HEPA filter.
  • A typical ionic typer air cleanes has a CADR of 10, meaning it
    succesfully cleans only 10 cuubic feet of air per minute – making it just
    slightly more effective than gravity.
  • Our CleanEffects system, has a CADR of 1,200, beating even other
    whole-house electronic air cleaners, which in tests delivered a CADR of just
    660.ypical HEPA appliance delivered a CADR of just 150.
  • Our breakthrough technology removes up to 99.98 % of airborne particles
    passing through the filter without significantly hampering airflow. This
    delivers long-lasting and consistent performance with the lowest pressure
    drop and highest efficiency af any filtration system available.
  • By working as apart of the home’s heating and cooling system,
    CleanEffect can clean the air in an entire house. Plug-in air cleaners that
    operate in a singe room can’t match this effectiveness.