Annual Furnace Servicing & Furnace Safety Inspection

The Annual Furnace Servicing & Safety Inspections will help keep your heating system in peak operating condition. As part of our 30 point test  (See Checklist below) our Licensed Qualified Gas Technician will also check for any potentially dangerous Gas & Carbon Monoxide leaks in the home.

Has your furnace had its Annual Furnace Servicing & Safety Inspection?

Most Fire Departments, Insurance Companies, and all Furnace Manufacturers recommend you complete an Annual Service & Safety Inspection on your furnace.

It’s important to know that Manufacturers are now requiring proof of regular Furnace Servicing to keep your warranty valid.  Mannix Heating is recognized by Furnace Manufacturers for warranty processing.

Protect your furnace, but more importantly your family!

Please call us today at 604 980-6424 to arrange your Annual Furnace Servicing & Safety Inspection. Alternatively, please complete the Online Form at the bottom of the page and we will contact you to arrange a convenient time for your Furnace Servicing.

30 Point Inspection Checklist
Furnace Blower & MotorFurnace Switches & Controls
Furnace blower & motor pulleys
Furnace blower belt
Furnace blower & motor bearings
Furnace motor alignment
Furnace inducer fan
Furnace vent motor
Emergency shut off switch
Furnace summer fan switch
Furnace fan control
Furnace limit control
Furnace gas control value
Furnace gas regulator
Furnace Combustion Chamber Furnace Gas Line & Shut Off Values
Furnace thermostat control
Furnace heat exchanger
Furnace primary air intake
Furnace combustion air intake
Furnace draft hood
Furnace chimney flues
Furnace gas shut off values
Furnace manifold and orifices
Furnace input pressure test
Furnace output pressure test
Furnace Electrical CircuitFurnace Pilot & Thermocouples
120 volt circuit
24 volt circuit
Furnace wiring
Furnace ignition control module
Furnace pilot assembly
Furnace thermocouple
Furnace hot surface igniter
Furnace flame sensor rod
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